Our Services

Since 2011, using designing, manufacturing, configuration and maintenance technologies we developed for the industry leading companies of Turkey, we have been offering constant, instant and uninterrupted services for highly critical systems that our customers have.


From the moment it was founded, ID3 provides consulting services for customers in leading companies of their sectors. In line with the customers’ needs, we produce internationally accepted high-tech, user-friendly, uninterrupted and agile services for all critical mission operations.

Outsourcing Services

In line with customers’ recent needs, we offer short or long term, competitive, expert and low-cost outsourcing services in the field of analyzing, designing, architecture, software, testing and operation to empower our customers to produce successful projects

Agile Project Management

We provide essential optimizations to attain more effective and synchronized teamwork with the help of Agile Project Management service that has an iterative performance-based project management approach backed up by constant testing and improving. We assure that we reach the target point at the end of the project through regular planning and process meetings

Mobile Application Development

In line with the needs of our customers, we design mobile applications with user-friendly designs and enable uninterrupted and comprehensive use. While developing mobile applications that enable the processes used by the business units to be optimized and automated, we use internationally accepted technologies.

Software Development

We make improvements in line with our customers’ real-life business processes and their needs through our corporate software solutions which are flexible, agile, sustainable and can be used for many years.

Enterprise Integration Solutions

We develop corporate integration solutions that meet the needs of our customers exactly and can be managed easily, smoothly without interruption. We ensure their successful integration to existing systems.

DevOps Solutions

With advanced DevOps solutions, we provide development and operation processes that result in end-to-end traceability, efficiency, reliability, stability and low cost. Thanks to DevOps solutions offering a more dynamic communication between teams, we also provide the opportunity to work in harmony between software developers, network administrators, quality assurance teams and operations teams

Cloud Solutions

Thanks to our advanced technological infrastructure we offer uninterrupted, flexible and agile cloud solutions according to the critical operations of our customers. Through our cloud solutions service adopted to digital transforming we create uninterrupted processes that are available from anywhere and anytime. Thus we have opportunity to predict possible faults during critical operations and to take action.

Turnkey Projects

We analyze all the requirements of our customers in their critical business processes to design and deliver their projects on schedule. Our expert software developers, test teams and experienced analysts coordinate with our customers during the project development phase.