Turkish Airlines

We offer software products developed through Open Source software technologies to Turkish Airlines, which we have been providing services for Ground and Flight Operations for over 10 years. Our Products utilized for critical operations such as GOS-TMAN, ATOM, GOS-CMAN, COM, HOTEL and TOFI continue to be used by Turkish Airlines and to be improved by ID3 in accordance with the existing needs.

Pegasus Airlines

For over 2 years, we have been working together with Pegasus Airlines which is one of the major airlines. We enable their critical operation processes to be uninterrupted and smooth by implementation of many end-to-end integrations

Yıldız Holding

By way of Open-Source Software Technologies and DEVOPS architecture, we renewed Integration and Software Development Services of Yıldız Holding which we have been offering software solutions for over 2 years. Using microservices architecture, we provide uninterrupted solutions for all critical operations of Yıldız Holding and rapidly implement new software functions we develop.