DevOps Solutions

Through our DevOps Solutions, we create an environment minimizing dependency on humans and maximizing the effectiveness of software processes.

Mobile Application Development

Through our Mobile Application Solutions having internationally accepted technologies, we optimize and automatize the process of business units.

Aviation Products

We develop aviation products used in mission critical operations for our customers in the aviation sector such as control of airlines, airports and air traffic control.

Software Product Development

We develop software products in line with the needs of our customers and provide designing, analyzing, developing and testing process of those.



Through our comprehensive experience in the IT field, we provide consultancy service based on your specified needs such as management, process, methodology, application, software consultancy.

Mobile Application Development

We use advanced and world-class technology according to the needs of our customers in our mobile applications which are user friendly, uninterrupted and comprehensive.  

DevOps Solutions

With our advanced DevOps Solutions, we create development and operation processes that result in efficiency, reliability, stability and low cost.

Outsourcing Services

We offer short or long term outsourcing services in the field of analyzing, designing, architecture, software, testing and operation to empower our customers to produce successful projects.

Software Development

We make improvements in accordance with our customers real life processes through our flexible and sustainable enterprise software solutions according to the need of our customers

Cloud Solutions

Thanks to our advanced technological infrastructure, we offer uninterrupted, flexible and agile cloud solutions according to the critical operations of our customers.

Agile Project Management

Through our project management approach that is open to continuous testing and change, we help for effective teamwork and ensure whether we have reached targeted point.

Enterprise Integration Solutions

We produce corporate business systems that can be managed in short time, easily and smoothly through enterprise integration solutions that we have produced in line with the needs of our customers.

Turnkey Projects

We work together with our expert software developers and experienced analysist in order to deliver our customers' projects in the optimum time.

Uninterrupted Solutions for your critical operations

With the help of our extensive experience in Information Technologies and ability to adopt current technologies, we produce solutions you need in your business process.


GOS TMAN & SLA (Turnaround Management)

We monitor, measure, evaluate and analyze of the whole current status in the turnaround process where the aircraft is on the ground and offer a summary of the process transparently. With GOS TMAN & SLA, we eliminate possible operational faults by automatizing whole manual process

ATOM (Airline Tactical Operations Management)

With our operational central database interface that includes every process an airline need to follow, we increase operational efficiency through facilitated decision making process.

GOS CMAN (Connection Management)

GOS CMAN, the baggage management platform of the transfer passengers, ensures instant monitoring and managing of flight tracking and baggage connection conditions constantly, as well as measuring and analyzing of the process.

FOMAN (Flight Ordering Management)

FOMAN is the automation system that works as integrated with flight information and reservation systems. It automatizes steps of order creation and sending to concerned handler.

FIMAN (Fuel Integration Management)

Through FIMAN, fuel integration system, we facilitate operation process between fuel receipts and flight information. With its integration to SAP, we minimize human dependency in operational process.

HMAN (Airline Hotel Management)

We develop HOTEL to optimize and automatize airline hotel management systems. It works as integrated with flight information and reservation systems and offers effective reports about usage statistics.

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